Multiple upgrade solutions for vending machines

NFD Upgrade

NFD New Front Design

Brand history

Since its market launch in 2010, NFD® has been consistently working to offer an alternative to unwarranted waste in a spirit of sustainability.

By creating products of outstanding quality and above-average durability, we wish to express our commitment to high quality standards and, through cost-effective, sustainable solutions, our desire to contribute to the successful operation of our company and partners, and eventually to increase the prestige of the VENDING sector.

since 2010
used in 25+ countries
20000+ NFD® kits sold

NFD Our philosophy


Since its invention, the concept of the NFD® product has served a sustainable future. We are consciously striving to transform our value chain into a value cycle in order to promote circular economy.

Our goal is to avoid wasting and unnecessary consumption of resources and energy wherever possible. We dismantle worn-out equipment at our headquarters in Hungary and make sure that as many used parts as possible can be reused and sold.

Our goal is to recover as many valuable and recyclable materials as possible, which we then utilize in the second life cycle of vending machines and components.

The process leads to a significantly lower energy consumption and CO2 emissions compared to the production of a new vending machine.

NFD And beyond

From an idea to manufacture

With a mature technical background and a well-trained, experienced development team, we know how to get from an idea to a product that does work well.

From a prototype to series

Our knowledge base and applied technologies (automation / development of multi-tier architectures) ensure that we are able to offer our customers efficient solutions in almost all areas - directly within our own system.

From the first screw to the last byte

Our team of well-trained, experienced professionals represents high intellectual added value. Our colleagues are able to adapt the production documentation received from our customers and can make suggestions to increase the efficiency of the production technology.

NFD Our competences

CNC complex sheet metal working

Laser cutting and edge bending

CAD technical design

Development of designs and concept plans for various product ideas, performance of manufacturability tests, prototyping and preparation for series production.

ICT backend development

Database (SQL), license management, IT security, encrypted communication, authorization management, Cloud-based technologies

ICT frontend development

(HTML/CSS, JS), UX/UI design, Multiplatform technologies (QT)

Embedded system hardware development

Complete design and implementation of embedded and control systems, hardware and software development